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In Which I Ramble...

One Quirky Writer On the Road to Publication

22 February
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Meet the Rambler

The title to this page makes me feel like a Gotham City villain, though probably not of the Christopher Nolan variety. I’m thinking more Jim Carrey in that weird green outfit. What would the symbol for rambling be? Perhaps ‘etc.’ emblazoned on something?

Yup, rambling.

The Rambler aka: Secretive aka: Analytical Calico aka: quirkywhit, but generally answers to “Whitney”: was raised in a small town in Hoosier Land (Indiana), land of the corn. I know that Nebraska claims to be the land of corn, but Northern Indiana seems to really want to challenge that. She grew up surrounded by eccentrics and is a byproduct of that experience (read: she’s a bit weird).

Early on she tried to be a liar but eventually gave that up when she realized that she was better as a storyteller…and a rather horrid liar. By the first grade – regardless of her tenuous grasp of: grammar, spelling, and the English language – she had devoted herself full time to telling stories and writing them down. By third grade she was working on a series that was a very obvious ripoff of the Goosebump series, by sixth grade she was working on stories that she found hilarious but no one else did, and by high school she was attempting to rewrite fairytales. She, however, never finished a single story until she was introduced to the site FictionPress by her artistic and fanfic loving friend Emily. There she first tried to write reworkings of fairytales, but eventually gave that up and started writing stories that sounded a lot like Meg Cabot novels.

By the time she had finished her very first novel (and it was an amazing day for her, she didn’t know what to do with herself so she decided to just jump around like an overly caffeinated child) she had found a voice of her own. By the time she finished her second story, she had a good grasp on that voice. And by her third finished story she felt like she could call herself a writer without having to qualify it. She’s still on FictionPress, though she’s become a horrible updater due to the Writer’s Block Monster.

In the year 2011 she decided that she was going to get serious about getting published. In a related note: in the year 2011 she basically stopped writing all together. By the year 2014 she was ready to become serious about writing and working towards publication again.

And what has she been working on?

Rewriting fairytales.

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